Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bawa pulang kenangan.

Back in 2007, a muaythai event is only muaythai fight. Ada lah orang jual air and kacang,nugget dan yang sepertinya.
The only memories you have was the good fights but some how it fade with time.

We operate boxxtomoi booth end 2007 selling only muaythai VCDs.(DVDs in 2009)
2008 we start designing,producing and selling our T-shirts.
The market was not ready for good and high quality price merchandise.
Only RM25-RM30 t-shirt can sell. 

Kalau anda pernah datang ke BFN, anda tahu konsep event kami.
Santai, bertemu kawan lama, good food and snacks and wide variety of merchandise for souvenirs and of course good fights.
Even our flyers make good souvenir.
Flyers BFN pun boleh menjadi bahan cenderahati yang menarik. 

Lawati booth booth yang mengambil bahagian. Visit our friends booths:
  • Boxxtomoi Fight Gear | cafe
  • Tempur
  • Isagenix
  • CIMB
Recommended : Nasi lemak bungkus and the stadium famous hot dog.


Pertandingan sepak pao untuk penonton bermula jam 815malam. Datang awal untuk daftar, hadiah menarik menanti.

booth tempur

button badge untuk kenangan.

 collect them all

 Juga di jual T-shirt dari kelab jemputan dari Johor : RM48.00 [sticker percuma] hanya pada 26th October 2013.

Masterpiece - must buy. RM60.00 from muaytimer.com and boxxtomoi muaythai stadium.
terhangat dipasaran.
BFN is not an event..it a festival !!

Monday, October 21, 2013


Boxxtomoi is proud to announced that BFN4 is powered by Isagenix Energy Shot e+ .
Learn more about the products .
Visit Isagenix booth at Boxxtomoi Muaythai Stadium on our fight night on 26th October 2014.
Booth open at 7 pm.
Ring skirting for BFN4
A healthy Energy Shot.

  • Provides a healthy and quick energy boost that last for hours.
  • Kick start a workout.
  • Improves focus and physical performance.
  • Feel energizes and fight fatigue.
  • Say alert and think clearly.
  • Safe,Effective and natural.

the promotion team will explain about the energy and performance solution.

Monday, October 07, 2013


Being a 'matchmaker' is not an easy assignment. You need to uncover 2 willing party to fight for an agree fees. From our [Boxxtomoi] point of view as a promoter, the main expectation from our crowd is the pure adrenaline pumping entertainment.   

So why we pick Robert Lek and Rozten as our main bout?. 

[1] Crowd Support
From the survey conducted on 10 people, 7 of them with confidence are willing to put their money on Robert, and that makes Egi as an underdog. Based on experience as a muay thai promoter in the northern region, unless you are Bow Suweilek who is the crowd favorite, fan would love to witness underdogs to steal the show. Due to that, we assure that Egi will definitely gain triumph for the crowd support if Robert does not bring his hardcore supporters along.

[2] Pressure: Robert is a Malaysian base fighter. He is a well renowned trainer with numbers of local students and as well as in the foreign country. He absolutely will prove his prowess and his abilities during the match. Robert will be fighting with great pressure to do his most excellent while Egi just have to impress the crowd and me!.

[3] Fight strategy:
Robert : Muaythai | MMA
Egi : Muaythai | Boxing

Muaythai maximum 5 round, boxing 8,12 or more rounds. 
Stamina : Egi

You can't KO people like Robert that easily. Knee to abdomen wont hurt him. Elbow win IF you are lucky. A good punch can do it. 
Robert - Hands stay up all the time  !
PS: Egi fought boxing in Thailand before and win again Thai opponent.

Today I make 3 out ten people smile and 7 out of ten trying to convince their expert opinion and analysis is correct. 

So come and enjoy the big fight on 26th October. 

Robert Lek is sponsored by the organizer of:

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Official Timer - Muaytimer.com

Boxxtomoi have officially signed a new MOU with our long time sponsor Muaytimer.com as Boxxtomoi Fight Night Series and Boxxtomoi Muaytime Stadium's official timer.

The new agreement include muaytimer provide us with a new Apple iPad-2  as the timer.

We would like to thank Mr. Ilmi of Muaytimer for believing and supporting us.

Learn more about muaytimer here or  www.muaytimer.com

Mr. Ilmi of www.muaytimer.com at boxxtomoi muaythai stadium.

Last week we also seal a sponsorship with RR [RICHIE RICH LIGHTING SYSTEM] KL [ RR is overseas base company] supplying our stadium with it lighting system. Thanks to Mr Richmond.

Expect a few surprises during BFN4 where we will test of lighting system.

BFN4 will be held on 26th October 2013 at Boxxtomoi Muaythai Stadium , Kubang Semang, Seberang Perai, Penang, Malaysia

More great news to be announced soon. 
Stay tuned.

Monday, September 30, 2013

IFMA – International Federation of Muaythai Amateur

IFMA World Championships 2014 and the WWF

The Malaysian Muaythai Federation has signed an agreement with the World Wildlife Fund for the upcoming IFMA 2014 World Championships.

In a world facing constant change, environmental awareness and measures to protect the earth and its resources are of ever increasing importance. IFMA is committed to sustainable sport, and to using its international events as platforms for sustainable management and also awareness-raising measures.
Over the last decade, IFMA has taken steps towards hosting sustainable sport events. This includes infrastructure planning to use existing, centrally located venues and hotels, to minimise the ecological and carbon footprint, as well as commuting times. IFMA strives to ensure its events are accessible for all. IFMA seeks to ensure it provides healthy and nutritious food to its athletes and event participants as well as seeking to reduce wastage.
Every event location is unique and different, and IFMA takes this into consideration. Not only does IFMA give back to the community, donating sports equipment from its events to the Local Organizing Committee and its partners, IFMA also seeks to use the locations of its events to raise environmental awareness.
The 2014 World Championship will be held on one of the world’s most beautiful islands: Langkawi, Malaysia. This island teeming with tropical fauna and flora is the perfect place to raise awareness about island eco-systems, and how responsible tourism is necessary to preserve these delicate natural environments.
A special project is also underway, in partnership with the WWF to advocate saving and protecting the orangutan, the only species of great ape in Asia, which is indigenous only to Malaysia and Indonesia. They spend most of their times in trees, where they build leafy nests, and mostly eat the fruits and leaves of rainforest trees. Because their natural habitat is limited to the islands of Borneo and Sumatra, and because they depend on trees, they are vulnerable to logging. Deforestation and human activities have made the orangutan an endangered species.
Many events have been planned to raise environmental awareness for the 2014 World Championships. One of them was a country-wide competition for Malaysia children aged 3–8, to design a logo for the World Championships around the topic given. The cute and playful orangutan inspired many great designs.
IFMA was proud to unveil the official logo for the 2014 World Championships, which depicts the orangutan as the official mascot for the event.
During the event, family activities have been planned around the island, with a special contest centred on environmental protection.
Come learn with us in Malaysia, from the 1st-10th of May, 2014!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hornbill had landed! Mereka akan datang!

Meskipun baru ditubuhkan pada tahun lalu, namun faktor itu tidak menghalang tekad serta azam Kelab Muay Thai Kenyalang melahirkan idola seni bela diri Muay Thai yang menjadi gelombang terkini sukan di negeri ini.

Perkembangan positif sukan seni bela diri itu sudah pasti mencetus fenomena dan minat dalam kalangan generasi muda termasuk kanak-kanak seawal usia sembilan tahun.

Disebabkan faktor itu juga, Kelab Muay Thai Kenyalang mahu mengambil peluang mencungkil bakat muda untuk digilap dan seterusnya diangkat sebagai jaguh atau idola gelombang Muay Thai yang dilihat semakin berkembang bukan sahaja di peringkat kebangsaan bahkan di pentas antarabangsa.

Presiden Kelab Muay Thai Kenyalang, Awang Sufian Awang Hamdan, 41, melahirkan keyakinan bahawa sukan berkenaan mempunyai masa depan yang cerah untuk generasi muda di negeri ini.

Ketika ditemui Utusan Malaysia baru-baru ini, Awang Sufian memberitahu, Muay Thai bukan hanya medium untuk bersukan, tetapi turut menawarkan pulangan berbaloi kepada jaguhnya.

"Saya yakin Muay Thai mempunyai masa depan cerah untuk diceburi terutama generasi muda kerana sukan tersebut mempunyai kejohanan besar di peringkat kebangsaan malah antarabangsa.

"Kita juga berharap dapat melahirkan atlet Muay Thai yang boleh mewakili Sarawak pada temasya Sukan Malaysia (Sukma) dan membawa nama Malaysia di kejohanan sukan lain pada masa akan datang," katanya.

Mengenai Kelab Muay Thai Kenyalang pula, Awang Sufian memberitahu, pada asalnya, ia dikenali sebagai Ultimate Warrior yang bermula pada 2007 dengan majoriti ahlinya bergiat dalam sukan silat dan tinju.

Menurut beliau, melihat kepada perkembangan Muay Thai yang semakin berkembang di negeri ini, pihaknya mengambil inisiatif menubuhkan Kelab Muay Thai Kenyalang pada tahun lalu.

Katanya, kelab itu juga menghantar wakil untuk menyertai Kejohanan Muay Thai Fit Warrior Peringkat Zon Negeri Sarawak pada tahun sama.

"Menerusi kejohanan itu, wakil kelab ini menimba pengalaman malah salah seorang daripada peserta kita yang mewakili Sarawak di peringkat kebangsaan sempena Hari Belia di Putrajaya ketika itu berjaya mendapat tempat keempat," katanya.

Selain itu, Awang Sufian berkata, sukan Muay Thai juga menggalakkan generasi muda terlibat dengan aktiviti serta mengamalkan gaya hidup sihat, sekali gus menghindarkan mereka terjebak dengan gejala negatif.

"Ini kerana sukan Muay Thai menuntut generasi muda supaya sihat tubuh badan dan cergas, selain mementingkan disiplin tinggi ketika menjalani latihan untuk bergelar jaguh di gelanggang.

"Pada masa sama, gejala negatif seperti dadah, gangsterisme dan sebagainya dapat dibendung daripada menular dalam kalangan generasi muda memandangkan mereka hanya akan fokus kepada latihan dan keseronokan mempelajari seni bela diri ini," katanya.

Orang ramai yang berminat menyertai kelab tersebut khususnya golongan muda boleh mendapatkan maklumat mengenai Kelab Muay Thai Kenyalang menerusi laman sosial Facebook.

© Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd 


BFN 4 - Countdown - Grandfight - Robert Lek vs Egi Rozten

Egi Rozten, peninju muda dari kota Bandung Indonesia mempamerkan mutu seni muay dan boxing barat menewaskan pencabar nya dengan KO tumbukan combo pada pusingan ketiga kejohanan Muaythai Bali Summer Fight semalam.

Bali Summer Fight adalah medan persediaan Egi untuk kejohanan muaythai Boxxtomoi Fight Night 4 di Boxxtomoi Muaythai Stadium, perlawanan pertama beliau di Malaysia.

Bila ditanya peluang untuk membuat upset ke atas lawan beliau Khru Robert Lek dari Phuket Top Team, Thailand, Egi hanya berkata : Iya ok atur saja ,saya siap layani perlawanan Robert Lek.

Salah satu pertarungan Robert Lek Phuket Top Team.

Kami bawakan kepada anda dari Phuket Thailand dan Indonesia! 

Grandfight BFN 4

Boxxtomoi Muaythai Stadium

Our new sponsor

 Boxxtomoi would like to convey our gratitude to Mr. Richmond of RR from KL for the MOU for which they agree to sponsor lighting equipment for our event for 6 months with effective from BFN 4 [26th october 2013].

Boxxtomoi ingin mengucapkan penghargaan kami kepada Mr. Richmond dari RR [Richie Rich Lighting System] ke atas Perjanjian Persafahaman [MOU] menaja alatan lampu untuk kegunaan semua kejohanan di Stadium Boxxtomoi mulai BFN4 [26hb Oktober 2013]

Terima kasih RR Lighthing System.

Also our thank to Twins for sponsoring our ring equipment since BFN1.

We will be announcing more sponsor for BFN4.  

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Challenge Accepted !!

Kedah International Muaythai Challenge [KIMC] , cabaran muaythai yang disertai beberapa nama yang besar muaythai antarabangsa seperti 
JORDAN WATSON [Pernah lawan di Malaysia dalam siri Challenger]  ARMIN PUMPANGMUANG WINDY SPORT [2 kali lawan di Malaysia - Juara Z1 Miri City dan menang bergaya dengan Faizal Ramli di Thailand vs Asia] , LIAM 'THE HITMAN' HARRISON  dan STEPHEN 'LA FLAMA BLANCA'.
Peninju luar 'base in Malaysia'
Peninju tempatan yang sudah mengumum persetujuan ialah
KIMC akan adakan pada 
16 November di Stadium Suka Menanti,
 Alor Setar Kedah.

Big Fight

I was with a few friends exchange note about KIMC all star fight card.

Boss kenal ka Robert Lek?. 

[my answer in blue]

Jom Kitti dan Kiw aku kenal lah, pernah tengok dia orang lawan. Robert Lek, tak pernah tengok fight..cuma tahu mereka bertiga ni trainer.

Robert ni dok cabar fighter tempatan.. dia lawan bagus lagi ka? 

Nak tahu kena pi tengok lah.

Apa kata boss cabar dia pula.

Untuk apa?

Yalah tengok dia lawan ok ke tidak lah !. Boss kenalkan promoter KIMC.

Challenge Accepted !

Robert Lek.. bring it on !!
Boxxtomoi Fight Night IV - 26th October,2013 at Boxxtomoi Muaythai Stadium , 
Special Super Fight

Robert Lek, Phuket Thailand
Egi Rozten, Bandung Indonesia.

Egi : Challenge Accepted !
Boxxtomoi would like to thank Mr.Tan Hean Seong of KIMC for his cooperation. 
Kami berharap peminat muaythai dapat saksikan perlawanan bermutu dan hebat di BFN 4 dan KIMC nanti.




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Congras mate, good to see the spirit of muay thai is alive and well in kedah.keep up the good work!

I truly admire your dedication and your passion in Muay Thai.We need alot of people like you for muay thai to succeed.Don't give up bro!Insyaalah your dreams will come true with your sheer determination.
-Muay Thai Enthusiast (Singapore)

Nice blog my friend , salam from all member muay thai from indonesia. hope muay thai will be always great full for kids at the next year
- www.mt-tc.com


People in Malaysia think Muay Thai is violent and create violent society. People in Malaysia think Muay Thai should not be practiced in Malaysia because they come from Thailand (I wonder where does golf come from but it is played here).

Sponsors think Muay Thai fans have no buying power because this sport is only watched by the villagers. Sponsors think Muay Thai fans only available in Thailand. Sponsors think Muay Thai only attract “low class” people but one thing for sure, whoever thinks that way, obviously they have never been to a Muay Thai tournament, they judge Muay Thai only from one angle and that is from NEGATIVE angle point of view.This year, I had the opportunity to go to three events.

The first one was a national level martial art competition held in Kulim. They rented a BIG hall as the venue. And guess what, the number of spectators were around 200 people….and one thing I must tell you, the entrance is free (obviously because the participants are amature, so the organizer don’t have to pay any cash prize money and also…THEY HAVE BIG SPONSORSHIP).The second one was another finale of another martial competition, despite big budget allocated and presence of the minister … the number of contestant outnumbered the audience.The third one was only last weekend.

It was a promotion held in Kulim by a GIANT telco company. When I arrived at the venue, they had about 5 small canopies and 1 BIG canopy with a estimated number of 50 staffs. The best thing was, only four people or I would rather say four potential customers at the venue and one of them was me.I asked one of the staffs, “How much do u spend for this promotion event?” and he replied around 5 – 6 thousand Malaysia Ringgit. And I said to him that I can guarantee a minimum number of 2,000 people will come and visit their promotion with that amount of budget.

He smiled and asked me how am I going to do that. Well, I said to him its simple….”I just bring in my boxing ring and provide local pro Muay Thai fighters to fight at your promotion venue and its free for public to watch, I can guarantee you, you will need the traffic police to control the traffic flows”.

To my surprised, he commented that they might not get the right crowd for their products and services. I asked him again, have u ever watched a Muay Thai fight in Malaysia? He just kept quiet….and again I felt a bit disappointed with the way people judge Muay Thai in Malaysia. Majority don’t realize that Muay Thai fights in Malaysia attract all level of people…just name the kind of people and they are there.

School children, university students, teachers, engineers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, expatriates, c.e.o.s….just name it. But of course, in order for you to have this large number of crowd, proper marketing and promoting plan must be implemented. And why do Muay Thai fights attract people? Simple because they are real and the fight is full of spectacular action.

Daniel Mashamaite, a boxer from South Africa fought four times in Malaysia. During his last fight in Malaysia he said I surely have big sponsorship in my pocket because I organize a lot of tournaments in a year and there are always big crowd watching. He was surprised when I said that for Kedah International Muay Thai Championship the sponsorship amount that I managed to get after begging was not more than 30,000 Malaysia Ringgit when I have more than 4,000 paid crowd and 1,000 free passes (the audience paid 13 ringgit ticket…you don’t have to calculate how much we made, because how much do u think is the cost to organize an international event? ).

Just imagine how many people can I attract if the entrance is FREE…but if I were to do that, who is going to pay for the cost of organizing?Sponsors will surely get maximum mileage if they sponsor Muay Thai event, that I can guarantee. Sponsor will not only get return in terms of branding mileage, they can even generate cash sales in return by sponsoring Muay Thai event, that I can also guarantee 100 % (but sorry guys, cant tell you the method…well, I can tell you how but I am afraid I have to kill you after that ) . The problem is, most of the decision maker, turn down our proposal just because he or she doesn’t like Muay Thai (or maybe our proposal is not convincing….hmmm…I will improve on that).

A conversation I had with an officer of a State Government owned company….she said they are unable to sponsor Muay Thai event because Muay Thai is not related to their company but she also said “but we can sponsor GOLF” … huh ??? is golf related to a state government company when the company’s activity circling around the development of the state?

Well, I guess they sponsor golf because their bosses play golf .. poor you Muay Thai. BOXX is going to operate a Muay Thai centre soon. We are targeting school children to participate and we plan to charge them between 2 – 5 malaysia ringgit a month (in order to cover the operational cost … don’t laugh, ok). I am expecting the majority of the school children who turn up will be the kind of “aggressive children”. The non aggressive might choose piano class instead (maybe these aggressive boys” will go to piano class too…will they?). When these aggressive children turn up for training at .. let say 5 pm .. they will not straight away start punching and kicking.

We are gong to organize a 15 minutes informal classes on anti smoking, anti drug, anti crime and all those positive classes. The speakers will come from various related government agencies ( I hope they support this effort). The speakers will sit among these boys and tell them stories about the bad thing about smoking, drug etc… (they will run away if we conduct the class in a formal way, that’s for sure because I would run away too). We might even get an ex drug addict to relate his experience to there boys. These classes will be conducted from time to time.

My prediction is, after few years, these boys will still be “aggressive boys” because the aggressiveness is already in them but they will be equipped with knowledge. We hope to instill positive values in these boys through Muay Thai training and all those classes.What I am trying to say is…. YOU CAN USE MUAY THAI AS A TOOL TO CREATE A GOOD CITIZEN…GOOD PEOPLE. Only if you are not negative towards it (because I don’t think the boys will attend just an anti smoking or anti drug classes).

No matter what, no matter how big the obstacle is, we will never surrender. We, with the support from all of you with continue with our struggle to position Muay Thai to where it should be …

Last but not least, I would like to thank everybody who has been supporting Muay Thai activities in Malaysia and please continue visiting this blog because it is also a prove that Muay Thai has big fans all around the world.

Written by Mr Zahari Ahmad Razali